Build Great Apps



Guide Creator Pro has been developed with one thing in mind


Coding is Great

Coding is Awesome

but Coding takes TIME !

And Time is PRECIOUS

According to, the average App takes between

4 to 6 MONTHS to make !

What if I told you that you can make an app in less than

1 HOUR ?

What can you create with Guide Creator Pro ?

A Guide for any Game / App

A Recipe App for Food Lovers

An Affiliate Marketing Platform

A Quiz Game

An E-Book

A Travel Guide with the Most Beautiful Cities

And Much More !

Why is it so simple ?

Good Question !

Let's Start with the Main Menu

Here are 7 Amazing FREE Menu Templates

Just For You to Save Time

And the Best Part is

Menus are fully customizable !

Supports Both Arabic & Latin caracters

Guide Creator Pro

allows you to make apps

for a LARGE Audience.

Either you decide

to make an app

for Europe / America

or Arabic Countries,

we got you covered !

Multiple Premade Panels & Views

Just for you not to lose your time !

Available with one click

Vertical Scroll Tabs Panel

Quickly configure a vertical layout

Add your Thumbnail, Icon,

Title & Description

Vertical Scroll Large Panel

Configure a large vertical layout

Simply & Quickly

Product Page

Setup a Product Page to Boost

your Affiliate Marketing

And More !

Monetization ?

We got you covered !

AdMob & Unity Ads are already configured

  1. Select your Target Platform

  2. Select your Ad Network

  3. Select your Ad Frequency

  4. Add your App & Interstitial IDs

Time spent : Less than 30 seconds

And you can start Earning Money !

Can you see how much

Time & Money

you will save ?

According to

An App costs at least $20 000

and can take up to 6 months to make

With Guide Creator Pro

Make your very own App in no time

for only



Yes, that's a steal !

Price may increase as the software evolves

So if I can give you one small piece of advice

Don't miss this opportunity

Stop losing your precious time