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11 - Vertical Scroll Tabs Panel

One of the most amazing features and probably the one that will save you a bunch of time is the "Vertical Scroll Tabs Panel".

As you may have guessed, it's a vertical scroll view panel, with tabs.

But whenever you click on a tab, no need to create a simple panel to redirect the user, it's done automatically.

Try it yourself !

First off, let's create a "Vertical Scroll Tabs Panel" like so :

Awesome, now let's check the Inspector

Hum... Seems pretty empty isn't it ?

Well, try to click that BIG "+" Button and see what happens.

Wow ! Seems pretty HUGE now !

Okay so let's recap what you can do here :

  • Add a Thumbnail

  • Add an Icon

  • Add a Title

  • Add a Small Description

  • Add a Description

When you are done adding these, you can click on the "+" Button to add another tab.

You can create as much tabs as you want, you can come up with something like this when you have enough of them.

Awesome right ?

You can try and edit the "Vertical Scroll Large Panel" too by yourself, it's actually the same principle, with different tabs ;).