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12 - Horizontal & Grid View

These last 2 elements are quite special as they are not panels.

These are elements that hold "Navigation Buttons" in a specific layout.

Let's start by the Horizontal View first. Let's Create one by first creating an "Empty Panel".

Once you have created the "Empty Panel", Right Click on it and select the "Horizontal View"

Awesome, now select the "Horizontal View" and check the inspector.

Here, you can directly edit the appearance of the navigation buttons & their destination panels.

Here are the steps to follow for this :

  • Drag & Drop your desired "Navigation Button" from the Project folder to the "Navigation Button Template" slot visible in the inspector.

  • Configure the Buttons Width / Height & spacing as you wish

  • Add / Remove any "Navigation Button" by clicking the "+" button or "Remove" next to any button.

  • Then Drag & Drop the destination Panel in the slot of your choice, as we did previously in the "Simple Panel".

Hurray ! You've just configured your first Horizontal View.

Grid View

Grid views work almost the same, here is what its Inspector looks like :

Pretty similar right ?

The only difference is that here, you can change the colors of the Navigation Buttons, all at once.

Finally, let's now check how you can configure your ads -->

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