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4 - Creating your First Scene

Now that your Unity windows are correctly setup, you are ready to create your very first scene in Guide Creator PRO.

Right click in the Project Window, and select Create -> Scene

Like so :

Now Double Click on it to Open it. Check your Hierarchy, you should see an empty scene (Except from the Main Camera of course)

If you've got this, it's awesome, you are one (maybe 2) clicks away from creating your app !

Now Right Click in the Hierarchy and place your mouse above Guide Creator Pro.

Here you can see the main components of Guide Creator Pro, Hurray !

To start seeing something awesome, select Main.

BOOM ! The Main Prefab & the Ad Manager have been automatically added to the scene !

And if you check the Game Window, you should see a wonderful butterfly ! :D. That is the main menu.

Awesome !

Now continue to the next article ==>

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