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8 - Main Menu Panel

After editing the Loading screen, you can now edit the Main Menu Panel :D.

Don't forget to disable the Fake Loading Panel before selecting the "Main Menu Panel", otherwise, you won't be able to see it.

Select the Main Menu Panel in the Hierarchy & Check what's visible in the inspector.


The first thing to do when you click on the Main Menu Panel is to chose wether you want to make an Arabic app or use Latin characters.

You can do so by checking the "Arabic" toggle at the top of the "Menu Template" Component.

Template Selection

You can select the template of your choice amongst 7 menus by dragging the Template slider. Easy isn't it ?

Note : Each template has its own variables. For instance, one of the templates have a scroll view with navigation buttons that you can edit to redirect the user to another panel. But you will see this later on ;).


As said previously, each template has its own variables. You can edit them as you wish in the inspector.

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