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9 - Panels

At this point, you should have configured your "Main Menu Panel" correctly. Now let's see what else you can do within the app. Cause if it was just adding a menu, well it would be veeeeeerry boring.

Right Click in the Hierarchy and place your mouse cursor above "Guide Creator Pro" to see the available options.

Let's start by creating your first "Simple Panel".

Select "Simple Panel" in the context menu like above.

Youpiii, you just created your first Simple Panel.

As you can see, it has been created under the "Panels Container" GameObject. Actually, every time you will create a new panel, it will be created under the "Panels Container" GameObject.

Simple Panel

Select the Simple Panel in the Hierarchy, and go check the Inspector.

Here is what you can edit in the Simple Panel :

  • Select Arabic if you wish to create an Arabic Panel

  • Set the icon that will be shown at the top of the simple panel

  • Set the Title of the Panel

  • Write the description that will be shown in that panel

And you're all set !

The only thing left is to link the navigation button of the menu to this panel.

So let's open up the "Main Menu Panel" and find the active "Navigation Button" like so.

Then Drag & Drop the "Simple Panel" GameObject into the "Navigation Button" Slot.

You can now hit Play in Unity and see by yourself :D.

Isn't it amazing ? You've just created your first app in NO TIME :o. And this is just the beginning, you can do much more with Guide Creator Pro.

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