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3 - Open the Project

Updated: Dec 29, 2019

Now that your are all set, it's time to open the project.

Unzip the Zip file containing Guide Creator Pro & Rename it

Once you've unzipped the file, open Unity Hub, and click on Add, to open the project.

Select the project folder like so, and click on Open

Now the Unity project should be opened. Congratulations ! You can now start making an awesome app ! :D.

Just kidding, I still need to explain you some stuff.

In Unity, you can rearrange your windows. It will be very convenient as we are going to work in Portrait Mode.

Try Dragging & Dropping your windows to arrange them that way, or as you wish as long as you are comfortable with it ;).

Awesome ! If your window looks like something like this, well you are pretty done with the setup.

You are now ready to make something AMAZING !

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